Asian Tsunami Heros

Monday, January 31, 2005

Amidst the mass death in southern India, some living miracles

It was like any other beautiful day on the stretch of beach near Chennai. The breeze from the Bay of Bengal was bracing, the sun glistened off the azure ocean. The palm fronds swayed.

The only thing missing was the presence of human beings. The nearby village of Tarang Badi was almost completely destroyed on the morning of 26 December. A week after the disaster, the few survivors of the village have moved to camps inland and they all have tales of horror and miracles.

Prabhakaran was hit by the wave when he was out in the sea and saw his daughter, Mubbi, on the shore. He tried to get to her but the water engulfed him and he lost consciousness. “Some villagers saved me and they told me later that my dog Ramu saved my daughter,” says Prabhakaran. Ramu had waded out as the waves receded to drag the floating Mubbi by the hair and out of the water. “Many people say God saved them but in my daughter’s case it was my dog ” says Prabhakaran. Today, Ramu is treated like a family member.


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