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Monday, January 10, 2005

Fishermen brave tsunami, save drowning couple

HYDERABAD: The natural disaster that struck the Andhra Pradesh coast on Sunday triggered many tragic stories but there were a few people who showed exemplary courage even at the hour of crisis.

On such story is that of fishermen from Ulavapdu in the coastal district of Prakasam, the worst hit district. They put their own lives in danger to save a drowning couple hailing from Hyderabad.

Five fishermen who had a narrow escape when huge tidal waves hit the coast saw a couple drowning in the sea.

Even amid the fury of the sea, these fishermen jumped into the waters and saved Sangeeta, a joint commissioner in the customs and excise department at Hyderabad, and her husband Ramakrishna Prasad.

The couple with their three children had gone for a picnic. They reached Karedu village Saturday night and the next morning went to the beach to enjoy their holiday.

As the couple was taking a dip on full moon day, their children were watching them from a distance. Suddenly, the tidal waves swept away the couple.

The fishermen, who were at a safe distance, jumped in braving the strong waves and saved the couple. The children tried to enter the sea when they saw the parents were being washed away but a revenue department official stopped them.

Sangeeta and her husband tried to reward the fishermen but they refused to take money.

10 Jan 2005


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