Asian Tsunami Heros

Monday, January 10, 2005

Praise for 2 SA heroes

29/12/2004 22:11 - (SA)
Johannesburg - Tsunami survivors sobbed and broke down when they met their families at Johannesburg International Airport on Wednesday -- and praised two young South Africans who co-ordinated the rescue effort.
The men co-ordinating the rescue effort, Daniel Treisman, 23, and Gavin Pearl, 25, are both members of the SAJBD who were holidaying on Phi Phi island when disaster struck.
They went to every hospital bed and every morgue on Krabi and Phuket islands to trace South Africans.
They also set up an SMS campaign to ensure South Africans went to the airport in Phuket for the rescue flight.
The two, looking shell-shocked and exhausted, were modest about their efforts.
"We were asked to do a job and we just went ahead and did it," said Pearl.


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