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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Her presence of mind saved 100 lives from Tsunami!

Friday, January 7 2005 18:22 Hrs (IST)
Nagapattinam: When the people across the State were helplessly watching the news of the Tsunami strike in Chennai on December 26, one woman reacted quickly and alerted the people in her village, resulting in 100 lives being saved.

S Manimegalai, aged 50, was watching the news on Tsunami in her village Kaveripattinam (Poompuhar) in Nagapattinam district like other people.

However, she could immediately sense something important in the news and came out to alert people. She also noticed unusual waves in the wells, ponds and lakes in the village.

After alerting the police immediately she ran into the shore area and shouted at the people and children, playing there, to leave the place immediately. She was just in time as, after a few minutes, giant waves struck the area.

"The waves came again, hit the shore and went back. It happened several times, But the intensity slowed down after the first attack," she said. Her village reported 79 deaths and in nearby Pudukuppam village it was 44.

"More children were among the dead since it happened on Sunday," she said.

Manimegalai is the president of the Kaveripattinam Panchayat, which consists of ten villages. She was presented the best Panchayat president award for Nagapattinam district in 1998 by the then Prime Minister A B Vajpayee.

Inspired by her father and grandfather, who were active in social service activities, she entered the social service when she was 15.



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